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Austin Rodeo – Real Texas Grit

Not every event in this world will allow you to enjoy the livestock exhibition along with exciting sports events. Thanks to Austin Rodeo for entertaining us with stock animals and educating us with all traditional agricultural knowledge.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the Austin rodeo. So, stay with me throughout the entire article to get an in-depth insight into one of America’s top pro-rodeo events.

About Austin Rodeo

The famous Austin rodeo was first organized in the year of 1938. Only 16 animals participated in a stock show of that event. Since then, the event has expanded exponentially, and now it has become one of the most exciting premium events of Austin.

The main rodeo event held in March each year. There are lots of exciting programs in the event which includes concerts, carnival and the fantastic livestock show. The most exciting part is millions of dollars raised from that event and which is used for the future of the Texas kids.

The Rodeo Austin has been supporting the educational programs in Texas. Also, it has been contributing a lot to preserve the true western heritage of Texas.

Upcoming Austin Rodeo Event

They say it is the “Real Texas Grit”. Of course, it is. If you want to list down top 5 Pro-Rodeo event America, you’ll undoubtedly find the name of Rodeo Austin in that list. The upcoming annual Austin Rodeo event will start from March 13, 2021, and will end on March 27, 2021.

The unique Pro-Rodeo events and the soothing live music will make your day. Award-winning recording artists will entertain you with their awesome creative music. Besides the live music, you’ll enjoy the fantastic Pro-Rodeo events which I will discuss later in this article.

The 2021 Rodeo events will be held at the Travis County Expo Center. It will not be a wise idea to miss the event. So, grab your ticket now. You can buy the ticket of the events from the official website of the Rodeo Austin.

You should expect a bigger crowd in the 2021 Rodeo Austin because many people were frustrated for the cancellation of the 2020 events. Trust me; the 2021 event will be so exciting with a live concert, Pro-Rodeo events and livestock show. It will not be a wise decision to miss the event.

However, if anyhow, you can’t attend the event physically, you must find any feasible live streaming option to watch the events. Keep your eyes open on the Rodeo Austin’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to get the updated news.

Exciting Pro-Rodeo Events

There is no doubt that Austin rodeo is one of the top 5 Pro-Rodeo events of the United States of America. Competitors compete with other athletes to become the champion in each rodeo events. Austin hosts the following exciting Pro-rodeo events.

Event 1: Bareback Riding

It is one of the most popular Pro-Rodeo events. Here cowboys have to ride a bucking horse bareback. The riders grasp the riggin with one hand. They need to stay on the horse for at least 8 seconds and can’t touch the horse or equipment with their bare hand to avoid disqualification.

Event 2: Steer Wrestling

In this event, a steer will loosen along with the wrestler riding on a horse. The wrestler stops the steer by jumping from the horse with his technique and strength. He then ties the steer up with the rope.

Event 3: Mutton Bustin

It is another popular event in the Rodeo Austin. The main participants of this event are the aspiring young cowgirls and cowboys. They will have 6 seconds to show off their skills and performance.

Event 4: Team Roping

In the entire Rodeo Austin team roping is the only event which is played in the team. One of the team members is called the header, and another one is called the heeler. The header’s aim is to roping a running steer around its horns. On the other hand, the heeler has the responsibility to rope the hind legs of the steer. 

Event 5: Saddle Bornc Riding

When it comes to the classic rodeo event, you can always count on the saddle bornc riding. In this act, the rider starts the game with his feet riding on the shoulder of a bucking bornc. The cowboy will have the opportunity to showcase his skills and performance within a limited time.

Event 6: Tie-Down Roping

It is another fantastic event in the Austin rodeo. A cowboy riding on a horse has a job to rope a running calf. It is a teamwork between the cowboy and the horse. The rider must rope the calf around its heads in the first place.

After that, he must tie down at least three legs of the calf to complete his task. Time is one of the most significant judging factors in this event. So, the rider must consider the time he takes while catching the calf.

Event 7: Barrel Racing

It is one of the popular rodeo events played by the cowgirls only. In this act, a cowgirl enters the arena riding on a sprinting horse at high speed. Then she needs to complete a track which is in the cloverleaf pattern, and she must move around three barrels which are positioned in different locations in the arena.

If the cowgirl doesn’t want to get a penalty, she mustn’t touch or move the barrel. Otherwise, she may receive a five-second penalty.

Event 8: Bull Riding

It is one of the main attraction of the Pro-Rodeo events. In this act, the participants must stay on a huge bucking bull for at least 8 seconds. Their body movement, skill and overall performance will help them to score higher in this event.

Final Words

Being a non-profit organization, Austin Rodeo has been contributing a lot in the educational sector of Texas, and they raised a lot of fund for the future of the Texas youths. If you want to know about the right western culture and heritage with your family, Austin Rodeo could be one of the best options for you.