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Bill Pickett Rodeo: Best Rodeo Event for Black Community

Bill Pickett Rodeo: No wonder a rodeo event is one of the most enjoyable events these days. We enjoy every rodeo moment with our beloved friends and family to get pure entertainment. A rodeo event is a perfect place to know about the true tradition and culture of the western community.

Besides, every year rodeo events raise funds for the educational and agricultural development of the Western community. Bill Pickett Rodeo is one of the most exciting events for the African American cowboys. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the exciting Bill Pickett Rodeo.

Bill Pickett Rodeo

About Bill Pickett Rodeo

When it comes to Bill Pickett Rodeo, I must say, it is one of the greatest events to honor the entire community of black cowboys and cowgirls. There is no denying the fact that they have a lot of contributions to western development as a whole. The black cowboys had a rich tradition and cultural history.

The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo is a cultural event and you can enjoy the whole traditions and nature of the cowboy. Not every event in the world will allow you to know about the rich history, tradition of the western culture.

Another important thing about this event is it will allow you to enjoy yourself with your family and friends along with educating yourself on the rich western culture at an affordable expense.

Bill Pickett Rodeo Schedule

If you don’t have any detailed idea about the schedule of the upcoming Bill Pickett rodeo events, let me clarify for you here. There are several events BPIR organizes every year. The BPIR MLK Jr. Rodeo of champions is scheduled for Monday, January 20, 2020, at Denver Coliseum.

This rodeo event is specially designed for the African American cowboys and cowgirls. Only the qualified finalists of NFR, IFR, PBR, and BPFR will participate in this grand event. The main concept of this amazing event is to develop the community of all African Americans who participated in the events organized by PRCA.

There is also another grand event which is called the Memphis BPIR Rodeo which is unfortunately canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the official website of Bill Pickett Rodeo, the BPIR paused the 2020 Bill Pickett rodeo tour due to COVID-19 pandemics. However, they are planning for a virtual event.

Exciting Pro-Rodeo Events

There are lots of exciting pro-rodeo events that you can enjoy from the Bill-Pickett Rodeo. You can watch Bill Pickett Rodeo Live Stream here. Below I will discuss all of the main events of the BPIR rodeo.

1. Bareback/Ranch Bronc Riding:

In this exciting event, the cowboy needs to ride on a bucking horse and must survive at least 8 seconds on the horse. Every movement, riding skills, and techniques both of the horse and the rider is judged. If the cowboy touches the bornc before 8 seconds or bucks off from the horse, he becomes disqualified.

2. Bull Dogging:

Bull dogging is one of the significant events of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. In this event, a rider who is on a horseback needs to catch a steer which is weighing around 650 to 700 pounds.

The speed, skill, and techniques that are applied to catch the steer are judged in this event. Truly bull dogging is considered as one of the most exciting events in the entire Bill Pickett Rodeo.

3. Calf Roping:

When you talk about the Bill Pickett Rodeo, you must consider the speed and accuracy of the participants. Because, without proper speed and skill, no participate can win an event. Calf Roping is another exciting Bill Pickett event that will take all of your nerves.

In this event, a cowboy must start from the starting point along with a calf. Then he must chase a running calf riding on a horse and need to rope it with the rope he holds in his hand. After roping the calf properly, the cowboy must tie three legs of the calf together. Time is the main considerable factor here.

4. Ladies Steer Undecorating:

Ladies steer undecorating is an event for the cowgirls. This event is played in a team. There are two participants in this event-contender and the hazer. This event is pretty much similar to the steer wrestling event.

The hazer’s job is to make sure that the steer is running on the track. In this event, the steer is decorated with a ribbon on its shoulder. The contender’s task is to chase the steer and remove the ribbon from it. The contender who can remove the ribbon at the fastest time possible will be declared as the winner.

5. Ladies Barrel Racing:

Ladies barrel racing is another main event for the cowgirls. In this grand event, a cowgirl riding on a horse need to race against time on a particular track. The track is specially designed with three barrels that are set up creating a cloverleaf pattern.

The cowgirl must complete the pattern without touching any barrel. The speed and teamwork with the horse are important to win this event.

6. Bull Riding:

There is no wonder that bull riding is one of the most exciting rodeo events of every time. No other event can match the excitement of bull riding. In this grand exciting event, a rider must survive on the back of a bucking bull.

There is no surprise that the bull weighs nearly a ton. The rider must survive on the back of the bull for at least 8 seconds. The judges score based on the skill and techniques of the rider that he applied during his ride.

7. Jr. Barrel Racing:

This is a similar event to the ladies barrel racing. The only difference is the Jr. Barrel racing is played by the juniors. Similarly, in this event, the participants must complete a race completing a pattern creating with the barrels.

The participant must not touch any barrel, otherwise, there will be a five-second penalty. The fastest racer will be the owner of the event.

8. Jr. Breakaway Roping:

This is another exciting event of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. This event is usually played by the junior cowgirls. It is quite similar to any other roping event. The participant must rope a running calf quickly. The time and skill of the rider are some of the most considerable factors of this event.

Final Words

There is no denying the fact that Bill Pickett Rodeo is one of the most popular rodeo events in the world. Especially when it comes to preserving the culture and tradition of the African American cowboys, you must keep this rodeo on your top list.

Although due to COVID 19 pandemic the rodeo event has been interrupted badly, you may still enjoy the events online. The authority will decide upon the ultimate place of the events. In this article, I tried to provide you with all the necessary information about the grand events of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. I hope it helps you to know about the significance of this great rodeo event.