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Cowtown Rodeo Event – Let’s Know About It

There should not be any doubt that the world is getting busier day by day. Besides, the ongoing process of urbanization made it difficult for everyone to preserve true western cowboy traditions. Rodeo events are something that helps us to conserve western culture and tradition.

Besides, these types of events are capable of giving you a break and relief from stressful daily life. Not every rodeo event in the US can give you a true feeling of Western culture and tradition. Thanks to Cowtown rodeo as it comes with everything to make your vacation more enjoyable.

You can enjoy all of the exciting pro Rodeo events on a summer Saturday night right in New Jersey. In this in-depth article, I am going to show you every aspect of this grand rodeo event. So, stay with me throughout this article to get to know everything about the amazing rodeo events.

About Cowtown Rodeo

Cowtown Rodeo is one of the popular rodeo events in the United States. The first rodeo event was started in 1929. Howard Harris Sr. and his son were the first organizers of this grand event. This exciting rodeo show is held at 7.30 pm every Saturday throughout the summer.

Another important fact is in 1957 and 1958, the amazing Cowtown rodeo was syndicated on national television. That television syndication attracted cowboys and cowgirls from all over the northeast region of the country. It is one of the greatest rodeo events in New Jersey. Since 1955, the Grant Harris family has been organizing this exciting rodeo event every Saturday night throughout the whole summer season.

Now, it is one of the most popular family entertainment shows in the United States of America. If you love Western culture or the tradition of the cowboys, you should watch the grand rodeo events with your friends and family. Trust me, it will be an exciting lifetime experience for you.

Exciting Pro Rodeo Events

Bull Riding

One of the exciting events of this rodeo is bull riding. In this popular event, a cowboy rides a giant size bull which is always bucking. With his skill, strength, and techniques the cowboy needs to survive on the back of the huge bull. The participant has nothing but a braided rope to hold against the strength of the bull.

Now, when it comes to the bucking habit of the bull, it varies from bull to bull. If the rider fails to survive for at least 8 seconds, he will be disqualified from the game. He will be judged on his skill, agility, and techniques.

Steer Wrestling

Another amazing event is to steer wrestling. In this grand rodeo event, there will be three participants including the steer. Besides, you’ll have a hazer and a steer wrestler which is also known as the bulldogger. The steer always does head start.

The job of the hazer is to make the steer aligned. And finally, the bulldogger needs to catch the steer by jumping from a running horse. It will be an amazing experience to watch this grand event with friends and family.

Saddle Bornc Riding

It is a great classic event of Cowtown rodeo. In this grand event, you’ll have the opportunity to get feelings of bareback riding and bull riding. The cowboy must have adequate strength, but it’s not only that. He must show his timing skill and riding style to win the show.

Here, the rider needs to hold a thick rein that is attached to the horse’s halter. He must stay on the bucking horse by keeping balance with his one hand. And he must not touch any part of the horses to avoid potential disqualification.

Bareback Riding

It is one of the growing rodeo events of the rodeo night. In this event, the cowboy must ride a bucking horse by holding a rigging made of leather. The cowboy must survive in the horse to win the event. There is a markup rule which must be followed to avoid disqualification.

If the rider can’t touch the horse’s shoulder with both spurs at the initial movement of the horse, he will be disqualified. The bucking style, agility, and strength of the rider, everything is judged in this grand event.

Tie-Down Roping

In tie-down roping, the cowboy riding on a horse needs to rope a running calf. The calf does head start to the arena at first. Then the cowboy riding on a horse needs to rope the calf in the neck. Then must Then the cowboy must reach to the calf, keep it’s standing before tying up its three legs to end the game. Truly, this event is all about precise teamwork between the cowboy and the horse.

Team Roping

Another wonderful event in the rodeo night is the team roping. Two cowboys and one steer participate in this event. One of the cowboys is called the header and another one is called the heeler. The steer head starts the game to the arena. The header needs to rope the steer in the neck or head. Then the heeler needs to rope the steer in two legs. This game is an excellent example of teamwork and speed.

Barrel Racing

This exciting event is participated by the cowgirls. In this event, the cowgirl needs to race against time while completing a cloverleaf shaped pattern with barrels in the race field. One important thing is the cowgirl or the horse must not touch any of the barrels to avoid penalty. The fastest cowgirl will be the winner of the race.

Upcoming Cowtown Pro Rodeo Events

According to their official website, the upcoming session for the Cowtown rodeo will start on May 22, 2021,at 7.30 Pm and will continue to September 26, 2021,at 7.30 pm. It is a weekly rodeo event. The door will open at 6 pm every Saturday in the scheduled month. You can book your convenient Saturday night in the upcoming summer for experiencing the upcoming rodeo event.

The ticket prices are available on their official website. The location of this event is at 780 Harding Highway, Pilesgrove, NJ, USA. However, one important factor to note that due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the upcoming session of the rodeo events may become affected. But, we always hope for the best so that we can enjoy these fun moments with our friends and family.

Final Words

In my opinion, the Cowtown rodeo is a great opportunity to enjoy fun moments along with knowing about Western culture. If you are living in the US, you should never miss this grand event. Trust me, it can be an amazing lifetime experience for you. All of the pro rodeo events are amazing. Especially, bull riding and bareback riding will give you a thrilling experience. As the rodeo events are available every Saturday night from May to September, you can book your show at your convenient time. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation, we can’t deny the uncertainties related to upcoming rodeo events. But, what I believe is, good days are coming and rodeo events of Cowtown will add good value to our life.

Top Rodeo Event

Bill Pickett Rodeo: Best Rodeo Event for Black Community

Bill Pickett Rodeo: No wonder a rodeo event is one of the most enjoyable events these days. We enjoy every rodeo moment with our beloved friends and family to get pure entertainment. A rodeo event is a perfect place to know about the true tradition and culture of the western community.

Besides, every year rodeo events raise funds for the educational and agricultural development of the Western community. Bill Pickett Rodeo is one of the most exciting events for the African American cowboys. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the exciting Bill Pickett Rodeo.

Bill Pickett Rodeo

About Bill Pickett Rodeo

When it comes to Bill Pickett Rodeo, I must say, it is one of the greatest events to honor the entire community of black cowboys and cowgirls. There is no denying the fact that they have a lot of contributions to western development as a whole. The black cowboys had a rich tradition and cultural history.

The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo is a cultural event and you can enjoy the whole traditions and nature of the cowboy. Not every event in the world will allow you to know about the rich history, tradition of the western culture.

Another important thing about this event is it will allow you to enjoy yourself with your family and friends along with educating yourself on the rich western culture at an affordable expense.

Bill Pickett Rodeo Schedule

If you don’t have any detailed idea about the schedule of the upcoming Bill Pickett rodeo events, let me clarify for you here. There are several events BPIR organizes every year. The BPIR MLK Jr. Rodeo of champions is scheduled for Monday, January 20, 2020, at Denver Coliseum.

This rodeo event is specially designed for the African American cowboys and cowgirls. Only the qualified finalists of NFR, IFR, PBR, and BPFR will participate in this grand event. The main concept of this amazing event is to develop the community of all African Americans who participated in the events organized by PRCA.

There is also another grand event which is called the Memphis BPIR Rodeo which is unfortunately canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the official website of Bill Pickett Rodeo, the BPIR paused the 2020 Bill Pickett rodeo tour due to COVID-19 pandemics. However, they are planning for a virtual event.

Exciting Pro-Rodeo Events

There are lots of exciting pro-rodeo events that you can enjoy from the Bill-Pickett Rodeo. You can watch Bill Pickett Rodeo Live Stream here. Below I will discuss all of the main events of the BPIR rodeo.

1. Bareback/Ranch Bronc Riding:

In this exciting event, the cowboy needs to ride on a bucking horse and must survive at least 8 seconds on the horse. Every movement, riding skills, and techniques both of the horse and the rider is judged. If the cowboy touches the bornc before 8 seconds or bucks off from the horse, he becomes disqualified.

2. Bull Dogging:

Bull dogging is one of the significant events of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. In this event, a rider who is on a horseback needs to catch a steer which is weighing around 650 to 700 pounds.

The speed, skill, and techniques that are applied to catch the steer are judged in this event. Truly bull dogging is considered as one of the most exciting events in the entire Bill Pickett Rodeo.

3. Calf Roping:

When you talk about the Bill Pickett Rodeo, you must consider the speed and accuracy of the participants. Because, without proper speed and skill, no participate can win an event. Calf Roping is another exciting Bill Pickett event that will take all of your nerves.

In this event, a cowboy must start from the starting point along with a calf. Then he must chase a running calf riding on a horse and need to rope it with the rope he holds in his hand. After roping the calf properly, the cowboy must tie three legs of the calf together. Time is the main considerable factor here.

4. Ladies Steer Undecorating:

Ladies steer undecorating is an event for the cowgirls. This event is played in a team. There are two participants in this event-contender and the hazer. This event is pretty much similar to the steer wrestling event.

The hazer’s job is to make sure that the steer is running on the track. In this event, the steer is decorated with a ribbon on its shoulder. The contender’s task is to chase the steer and remove the ribbon from it. The contender who can remove the ribbon at the fastest time possible will be declared as the winner.

5. Ladies Barrel Racing:

Ladies barrel racing is another main event for the cowgirls. In this grand event, a cowgirl riding on a horse need to race against time on a particular track. The track is specially designed with three barrels that are set up creating a cloverleaf pattern.

The cowgirl must complete the pattern without touching any barrel. The speed and teamwork with the horse are important to win this event.

6. Bull Riding:

There is no wonder that bull riding is one of the most exciting rodeo events of every time. No other event can match the excitement of bull riding. In this grand exciting event, a rider must survive on the back of a bucking bull.

There is no surprise that the bull weighs nearly a ton. The rider must survive on the back of the bull for at least 8 seconds. The judges score based on the skill and techniques of the rider that he applied during his ride.

7. Jr. Barrel Racing:

This is a similar event to the ladies barrel racing. The only difference is the Jr. Barrel racing is played by the juniors. Similarly, in this event, the participants must complete a race completing a pattern creating with the barrels.

The participant must not touch any barrel, otherwise, there will be a five-second penalty. The fastest racer will be the owner of the event.

8. Jr. Breakaway Roping:

This is another exciting event of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. This event is usually played by the junior cowgirls. It is quite similar to any other roping event. The participant must rope a running calf quickly. The time and skill of the rider are some of the most considerable factors of this event.

Final Words

There is no denying the fact that Bill Pickett Rodeo is one of the most popular rodeo events in the world. Especially when it comes to preserving the culture and tradition of the African American cowboys, you must keep this rodeo on your top list.

Although due to COVID 19 pandemic the rodeo event has been interrupted badly, you may still enjoy the events online. The authority will decide upon the ultimate place of the events. In this article, I tried to provide you with all the necessary information about the grand events of the Bill Pickett Rodeo. I hope it helps you to know about the significance of this great rodeo event.

Top Rodeo Event

Austin Rodeo – Real Texas Grit

Not every event in this world will allow you to enjoy the livestock exhibition along with exciting sports events. Thanks to Austin Rodeo for entertaining us with stock animals and educating us with all traditional agricultural knowledge.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the Austin rodeo. So, stay with me throughout the entire article to get an in-depth insight into one of America’s top pro-rodeo events.

About Austin Rodeo

The famous Austin rodeo was first organized in the year of 1938. Only 16 animals participated in a stock show of that event. Since then, the event has expanded exponentially, and now it has become one of the most exciting premium events of Austin.

The main rodeo event held in March each year. There are lots of exciting programs in the event which includes concerts, carnival and the fantastic livestock show. The most exciting part is millions of dollars raised from that event and which is used for the future of the Texas kids.

The Rodeo Austin has been supporting the educational programs in Texas. Also, it has been contributing a lot to preserve the true western heritage of Texas.

Upcoming Austin Rodeo Event

They say it is the “Real Texas Grit”. Of course, it is. If you want to list down top 5 Pro-Rodeo event America, you’ll undoubtedly find the name of Rodeo Austin in that list. The upcoming annual Austin Rodeo event will start from March 13, 2021, and will end on March 27, 2021.

The unique Pro-Rodeo events and the soothing live music will make your day. Award-winning recording artists will entertain you with their awesome creative music. Besides the live music, you’ll enjoy the fantastic Pro-Rodeo events which I will discuss later in this article.

The 2021 Rodeo events will be held at the Travis County Expo Center. It will not be a wise idea to miss the event. So, grab your ticket now. You can buy the ticket of the events from the official website of the Rodeo Austin.

You should expect a bigger crowd in the 2021 Rodeo Austin because many people were frustrated for the cancellation of the 2020 events. Trust me; the 2021 event will be so exciting with a live concert, Pro-Rodeo events and livestock show. It will not be a wise decision to miss the event.

However, if anyhow, you can’t attend the event physically, you must find any feasible live streaming option to watch the events. Keep your eyes open on the Rodeo Austin’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to get the updated news.

Exciting Pro-Rodeo Events

There is no doubt that Austin rodeo is one of the top 5 Pro-Rodeo events of the United States of America. Competitors compete with other athletes to become the champion in each rodeo events. Austin hosts the following exciting Pro-rodeo events.

Event 1: Bareback Riding

It is one of the most popular Pro-Rodeo events. Here cowboys have to ride a bucking horse bareback. The riders grasp the riggin with one hand. They need to stay on the horse for at least 8 seconds and can’t touch the horse or equipment with their bare hand to avoid disqualification.

Event 2: Steer Wrestling

In this event, a steer will loosen along with the wrestler riding on a horse. The wrestler stops the steer by jumping from the horse with his technique and strength. He then ties the steer up with the rope.

Event 3: Mutton Bustin

It is another popular event in the Rodeo Austin. The main participants of this event are the aspiring young cowgirls and cowboys. They will have 6 seconds to show off their skills and performance.

Event 4: Team Roping

In the entire Rodeo Austin team roping is the only event which is played in the team. One of the team members is called the header, and another one is called the heeler. The header’s aim is to roping a running steer around its horns. On the other hand, the heeler has the responsibility to rope the hind legs of the steer. 

Event 5: Saddle Bornc Riding

When it comes to the classic rodeo event, you can always count on the saddle bornc riding. In this act, the rider starts the game with his feet riding on the shoulder of a bucking bornc. The cowboy will have the opportunity to showcase his skills and performance within a limited time.

Event 6: Tie-Down Roping

It is another fantastic event in the Austin rodeo. A cowboy riding on a horse has a job to rope a running calf. It is a teamwork between the cowboy and the horse. The rider must rope the calf around its heads in the first place.

After that, he must tie down at least three legs of the calf to complete his task. Time is one of the most significant judging factors in this event. So, the rider must consider the time he takes while catching the calf.

Event 7: Barrel Racing

It is one of the popular rodeo events played by the cowgirls only. In this act, a cowgirl enters the arena riding on a sprinting horse at high speed. Then she needs to complete a track which is in the cloverleaf pattern, and she must move around three barrels which are positioned in different locations in the arena.

If the cowgirl doesn’t want to get a penalty, she mustn’t touch or move the barrel. Otherwise, she may receive a five-second penalty.

Event 8: Bull Riding

It is one of the main attraction of the Pro-Rodeo events. In this act, the participants must stay on a huge bucking bull for at least 8 seconds. Their body movement, skill and overall performance will help them to score higher in this event.

Final Words

Being a non-profit organization, Austin Rodeo has been contributing a lot in the educational sector of Texas, and they raised a lot of fund for the future of the Texas youths. If you want to know about the right western culture and heritage with your family, Austin Rodeo could be one of the best options for you.

NFR Live nfr

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nfr 2020 live stream

DECEMBER 3-12, 2020

National Final Rodeo 2020 Official Broadcast Schedule

National Finals RodeoDay 1Dec. 310 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 2Dec. 410 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 3Dec. 510 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 4Dec. 610 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 5Dec. 710 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 6Dec. 810 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 7Dec. 910 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 8Dec. 1010 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 9Dec. 1110 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV
National Finals RodeoDay 10Dec. 1210 p.m. — 1 a.m. ETTCC, RFD-TV

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NFR 2020 Live Stream Coverage Information

The CBS Sports Network will be covering the NFR 2020 Live Stream. The broadcast is scheduled every night at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time or 10 pm Eastern Standard Time from December 3 to December 12, 2020. The NFR Live Stream is also available through with discounted price only for limited time. NFRLIVE.NET will provide National final rodeo live coverage without any Geo-restriction. The NFR Live Stream is available for International and US clients.  All customers will be able to watch the replay and highlights through the The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV. Hope you will enjoy the full event as like previous time.

NFR Results NFR Standings

2019 NATIONAL FINAL RODEO (NFR 2019) World Standings

All-Around Performance Standings

1Stetson WrightMilfordUT$219,230.26
2Clay SmithBroken BowTX$171,363.88
3Tuf CooperDecaturTX$169,755.56
4Caleb Smidtbellville.TX$155,189.73
5Trevor BrazileDecaturTX$129,753.65
6Landon McClaughertyTildenTX$112,119.43
7Steven DentMullenNE$111,577.32
8Rhen RichardRooseveltUT$104,653.08
9Josh FrostRandlettUT$92,731.63
10Daylon SwearingenRochelleGA$80,919.89
11Tanner GreenCotullaTX$72,713.57
12Clayton HassWeatherfordTX$75,387.62
13Cody DoescherWebbers FallsOK$72,882.64
14Thomas SmithBarnsdallOK$67,190.21
15Eli LordSturgisSD$66,378.06
16Chance OftedahlPembertonMN$50,612.64
17Seth HallAlbuquerqueNM$48,893.46
18Marcus TheriotPoplarvilleMS$44,242.71
19Riley Richard WarrenStettlerAB$42,375.35
20Justin ThigpenWaycrossGA$39,609.21
21Colton CampbellKlamath FallsOR$37,686.96
22Lane Santos KarneyCrestonCA$33,105.45
23Caleb McMillanSoap LakeWA$32,008.73
24Clint RobinsonSpanish ForkUT$31,690.98
25Wyatt HansenOakdaleCA$27,313.50
26Tim PharrResacaGA$26,489.45
27Bart BrunsonTerryMS$26,426.18
28Jesse PopesculGlentworthSK$25,916.38
29Shane ProctorGrand CouleeOK$25,868.70
30Toby CollinsStephenvilleTX$25,795.38
31Doyle Thomas HoskinsPrunedaleCA$24,483.14
32Keely BonnettPonokaAB$24,146.31
33Jason MinorEllensburgWA$23,303.10
34C.J. DeForest Jr.HollisterCA$22,885.44
35Hank HollenbeckMoltMT$22,658.89
36Laramie AllenLlanoTX$22,185.59
37D.J. ParkerHollisterCA$21,775.12
38Jordan KetscherSquaw ValleyCA$21,753.21
39Delon ParkerwordenMT$21,050.83
40Jason StewartHeppnerOR$20,493.40
41Chant DeForestWheatlandCA$19,849.59
42Fenton NelsenMarshallMO$19,811.57
43Riley WakefieldONeillNE$19,203.18
44Clovis CraneLebanonPA$18,759.35
45Trell EtbauerGoodwellOK$18,015.14
46Brushton MintonWitter SpringsCA$17,859.78
47Luke GeeStanfordMT$17,798.23
48Rhett KennedyChowchillaCA$16,640.14
49Brian GarrBell FourcheSD$15,844.67
50Jeff MillerBlue MoundKS$15,843.47

Bareback Performance Standings

1Clayton BiglowClementsCA$212,682.94
2Kaycee FeildGenolaUT$186,205.08
3Orin LarsenInglisNE$185,557.79
4Richmond ChampionThe WoodlandsTX$167,059.70
5Tilden HooperCarthageTX$158,559.20
6Caleb BennettCorvallisMT$136,626.51
7Tim O’ConnellZwingleIA$129,937.54
8Clint LayeCadoganAB$120,069.43
9Jake BrownClevelandTX$105,068.43
10Steven DentMullenNE$103,798.82
11Austin FossTerrebonneOR$102,895.14
12Ty BreuerMandanND$98,699.34
13Tanner AusGranite FallsMN$91,594.86
14Trenten MonteroWinnemuccaNV$90,757.11
15Taylor BroussardEstherwoodLA$89,270.92
16Mason ClementsDraperUT$77,526.15
17Zach HiblerWheelerTX$72,734.42
18Logan PattersonKimCO$72,182.77
19Steven PeeblesRedmondOR$71,756.32
20Kody LambSherwood ParkAB$68,345.02
21Pascal IsabelleOkotoksAB$63,282.75
22Wyatt DennyMindenNV$62,134.57
23Will LoweCanyonTX$61,975.99
24Jamie HowlettRapid citySD$58,746.84
25Garrett ShadboltMerrimanNE$54,579.78
26Seth Lee HardwickRanchesterWY$52,649.79
27Bill TutorHuntsvilleTX$48,605.94
28Jesse PopeMarshallMO$47,777.89
29Leighton BerryWeatherfordTX$47,142.41
30Connor HamiltonCalgaryAB$45,700.34
31Shane O’ConnellRapid CitySD$43,060.76
32Tristan HansenDillonMT$40,763.25
33R.C. LandinghamHat CreekCA$39,413.49
34Spur LacasseCalgaryAB$36,132.95
35Wyatt BloomBelgradeMT$34,158.09
36Craig WisehartKerseyTX$32,254.08
37Paden HurstHuntsvilleTX$32,200.54
38Morgan WildeMcCammonID$28,513.58
39Tanner PhippsDaltonGA$28,211.71
40Grant DennyMindenNV$28,210.58
41Anthony ThomasHumbleTX$27,617.11
42Jared KeylonUniontownKS$25,223.02
43Nate S McFaddenElsmereSD$24,818.67
44Casey CollettiPuebloCO$24,240.98
45Devan ReillySheridanMT$23,877.58
46Tony BarringtonElkoNV$23,714.97
47Kyle MarshallBowdenAB$23,246.75
48Yance DayTahlequahOK$22,634.22
49Ty Fast TaypotatReginaSK$22,244.14
50Dantan BertschEastendSK$22,163.78

Steer Wrestling Performance Standings

1Ty EricksonHelenaMT$156,080.84
2Dakota EldridgeElkoCA$117,333.88
3Hunter CureHollidayTX$114,567.84
4Tyler WaguespackGonzalesLA$113,899.55
5Scott GuenthnerProvostAB$112,750.45
6Stetson JorgensenBlackfootID$111,219.96
7J.D. StruxnessMilanOK$111,021.61
8Bridger ChambersStevensvilleMT$107,220.57
9Will LummusWest PointMS$97,805.32
10Riley DuvallChecotahOK$95,963.13
11Tyler PearsonLouisvilleOK$94,519.73
12Kyle IrwinRobertsdaleFL$93,471.97
13Matt ReevesCross PlainsTX$89,490.22
14Cameron MormanGlen UllinND$88,114.24
15Tanner BrunnerRamonaKS$84,950.31
16Josh ClarkBelgradeMT$73,276.41
17Josh GarnerLive OakCA$71,593.74
18Nick GuySpartaCO$69,852.11
19Tanner MilanCochraneAB$67,471.40
20Blake MindemannBlanchardOK$66,596.08
21Stephen CullingFort St. JohnBC$61,160.65
22Clayton HassWeatherfordTX$58,797.01
23Jacob D EdlerState CenterOK$57,672.31
24Jace MelvinFort PierreTX$55,405.30
25Jesse BrownBaker CityOR$51,721.00
26Dirk TavennerRigbyID$51,280.80
27Cody DeversBalkoOK$50,410.61
28Blake KnowlesHeppnerOR$48,670.93
29Aaron VoslerLaramieWY$47,886.58
30Denell HendersonDamascusAR$47,346.77
31Cody CabralHiloOR$44,590.74
32Jule HazenAshlandKS$40,722.44
33Justin ShafferHallsvilleTX$40,523.04
34Stockton GravesAlvaOK$40,522.14
35Eli LordSturgisSD$40,153.73
36Taz OlsonPrairie CitySD$39,820.76
37Juan Alcazar JrOkeechobeeFL$39,505.48
38Sterling LambertFallonNV$39,484.41
39Levi RuddChelseaOK$38,583.79
40Tristan MartinSulphurLA$38,359.31
41Curtis CassidyDonaldaAB$38,063.39
42Dalton MasseyHermistonOR$37,992.28
43Bridger AndersonCarringtonOK$37,855.53
44Reed KraegerElwoodNE$35,043.51
45Tucker AllenOak ViewCA$34,998.61
46Don PayneStephenvilleTX$34,490.61
47Mike McGinnHainesOR$33,602.88
48Brendan LayeConsortAB$33,277.63
49Shane FreyDuncanOK$32,976.79
50Jacob TalleykeatchieLA$32,515.26

Team Roping (Headers) Performance Standings

1Clay SmithBroken BowTX$160,512.22
2Kaleb DriggersHobokenTX$135,224.53
3Coleman ProctorPryorOK$114,318.34
4Clay TryanBillingsTX$113,164.76
5Ty BlasingameCasperWY$111,489.65
6Brenten HallJayTX$109,926.57
7Riley MinorEllensburgWA$109,764.33
8Tyler WadeTerrellTX$109,625.01
9Matt SherwoodPimaAZ$106,934.84
10Chad MastersCedar HillTX$105,528.72
11Cody SnowLos OlivosTX$105,053.52
12Erich RogersRound RockAZ$99,652.85
13Luke BrownRock hillTX$97,054.57
14Tate KirchenschlagerYumaCO$85,737.64
15Jake CooperMonumentNM$83,190.95
16Dustin EgusquizaMarianaTX$70,995.67
17Spencer MitchellOrange CoveCA$65,442.56
18Tanner BaldwinVailAZ$64,007.72
19Bubba BuckalooKingstonOK$63,767.81
20Nelson WyattClantonTX$62,149.83
21Paul David TierneyOklahoma CityOK$61,944.22
22Aaron TsinigineTuba CityAZ$55,112.87
23Jeff FlennikenCaldwellID$55,089.88
24Levi SimpsonPonokaAB$54,165.19
25Garrett RogersBaker CityOR$51,122.36
26Lane IvyDublinTX$51,116.29
27Jr. DeesAuroraSD$50,087.59
28Kolton SchmidtBarrheadAB$48,804.21
29Garrett TonozziLampasasCO$47,521.28
30Dustin BirdCut BankMT$47,341.03
31Joshua TorresOcalaTX$46,700.02
32Steven DubyHerefordOR$44,517.32
33Charly CrawfordPrinevilleTX$44,165.50
34Nick SartainYukonOK$43,928.35
35Billy Bob BrownCarbonTX$42,931.98
36Kal FullerBozemanMT$41,762.15
37Clayton Van AkenYoderWY$38,447.08
38Cory Kidd VStatesvilleNC$37,121.34
39Garett ChickSaladoTX$34,532.02
40Brooks DahozyWindow RockAZ$34,526.99
41Marcus TheriotPoplarvilleMS$34,208.88
42Andrew WardEdmondOK$33,891.82
43Ryan ReedOakdaleCA$31,839.75
44Tanner GreenCotullaTX$30,433.97
45Colton CampbellKlamath FallsOR$30,394.18
46Brandon WebbBig WellsTX$30,005.27
47Coy RahlmannEllsinoreMO$29,919.55
48Blake HirdesTurlockCA$29,602.28
49Dawson GrahamWainwrightAB$27,666.05
50Chace ThompsonMundayTX$27,661.32

Team Roping (Heelers) Performance Standings

1Junior NogueiraPresidente PrudenteTX$132,543.89
2Kyle LockettVisaliaCA$124,383.68
3Ryan MotesWeatherfordTX$119,166.08
4Jade CorkillFallonTX$118,637.93
5Jake LongCoffeyvilleTX$116,896.49
6Hunter KochVernonTX$115,037.84
7Travis Lee GravesJayTX$113,164.76
8Brady MinorEllensburgWA$109,764.33
9Joseph HarrisonOverbrookOK$108,277.59
10Cole DavisonStephenvilleUT$108,140.08
11Chase TryanHelenaTX$107,345.09
12Paul EaveslonedellTX$101,561.92
13Wesley ThorpThrockmortonTX$97,295.99
14Caleb AndersonMocksvilleTX$82,389.60
15Tyler WorleyBerryvilleTX$81,190.21
16Billie Jack SaebensNowataOK$68,941.18
17Paden BrayGranburyTX$67,014.24
18Nano GarzaLas CrucesNM$66,195.35
19Levi LordSturgisSD$62,095.08
20Ross AshfordLottTX$59,646.80
21Tanner BradenDeweyOK$59,195.07
22Trey YatesPuebloCO$56,537.81
23Cody DoescherWebbers FallsOK$55,281.83
24Logan MedlinTatumNM$51,674.42
25Jake MinorEllensburgWA$50,214.97
26Cesar de la CruzTucsonAZ$48,212.08
27Lane SigginsEloyAZ$47,950.12
28Jeremy BuhlerArrowwoodAB$45,526.22
29Dustin DavisTerrellTX$45,381.99
30Shay Dixon CarrollLa juntaTX$45,172.90
31Jonathan TorresOcalaTX$44,674.02
32Austin RogersCrescentOK$43,928.35
33Buddy Hawkins IIColumbusKS$43,790.13
34Patrick SmithLipanTX$43,442.25
35Jason DubyKlamath FallsOR$42,654.17
36Coleby PayneLipanTX$42,044.35
37Brandon BatesPhoenixAZ$38,742.54
38Kory KoontzStephenvilleTX$37,083.76
39Walt WoodardStephenvilleTX$36,612.25
40Jake SmithBroken BowOK$34,878.16
41Reagan WardEdmondOK$31,807.89
42Kasper RoyMossleighAB$31,471.54
43Jake EdwardsOcalaFL$31,391.55
44Ryan Von AhnPalmyraMO$31,255.52
45Kollin VonAhnBlanchardOK$30,005.27
46Jake ClaySapulpaOK$29,422.44
47Ty ArnoldMidwayTX$28,866.96
48Chase BoekhausRollaKS$28,402.10
49Monty Joe PetskaTurlockCA$28,246.89
50Matt KasnerCodyNE$28,084.56

Saddle Bronc Riding Performance Standings

1Ryder WrightMilfordUT$234,488.39
2Zeke ThurstonBig ValleyAB$213,222.24
3Spencer WrightMilfordUT$137,438.01
4Chase BrooksDeer LodgeMT$133,616.56
5Jacobs CrawleyBoerneTX$131,011.90
6Rusty WrightMilfordUT$128,191.87
7Bradley HarterLorangerLA$127,543.32
8Sterling CrawleyStephenvilleTX$124,427.40
9Brody CressHillsdaleTX$123,205.19
10JJ ElshereHerefordSD$119,003.80
11Jake WatsonHudsons HopeBC$118,790.84
12Dawson HaywildwoodAB$110,311.35
13Mitch PollockWinnemuccaID$109,542.24
14Jesse WrightMilfordUT$106,505.48
15Colt GordonComancheOK$101,070.51
16Isaac DiazDesdemonaTX$89,785.81
17Jake FinlayGoondiwindiOK$76,611.86
18Shorty GarrettEagle ButteSD$76,494.18
19Cort ScheerElsmereNE$72,812.90
20Stetson WrightMilfordUT$71,300.98
21Kolby WanchukSherwood ParkAB$68,036.34
22Allen BooreAxtellUT$65,198.54
23Cody DeMossHeflinLA$64,191.85
24Wade SundellBoxholmIA$57,236.85
25Taos MuncyCoronaNM$54,923.03
26Jesse KruseGreat FallsMT$52,573.53
27Lefty HolmanVisaliaCA$52,039.46
28Hardy BradenWelchOK$51,967.96
29Jade BlackwellRapid CitySD$50,331.31
30Tegan SmithWintersetIA$48,827.15
31Dusty HausauerdickinsonND$46,736.34
32CoBurn BradshawBeaverUT$41,279.66
33Wyatt CasperPampaTX$40,195.21
34Joe HarperParadise ValleyNV$36,529.56
35Cole ElshereFaithSD$34,300.10
36Dean WadsworthBuffalo GapTX$34,170.24
37Logan James HayWildwoodAB$31,667.48
38Ben T AndersenCanadaAB$31,526.39
39Ross GriffinTularosaNM$30,793.67
40Chet JohnsonDouglasWY$30,455.99
41Sam HarperParadise valleyNV$30,361.89
42Johnny EspelandTygh ValleyOR$30,093.34
43Jake WrightMilfordUT$29,385.07
44Kole AshbacherArrowwoodAB$28,967.72
45Joey Sonnier IIINew IberiaLA$26,970.46
46Layton GreenMeeting creekAB$26,241.50
47Ty MankeRapid CitySD$25,769.65
48Brady HillOnidaSD$25,423.42
49Treyson AntonickOvertonFL$25,124.43
50Cameron MessierHeraldCA$23,701.59

Tie-Down Roping Performance Standings

1Haven MegedMiles CityMT$145,532.69
2Caleb Smidtbellville.TX$141,899.95
3Shane HancheySulphurTX$138,427.69
4Taylor SantosCrestonCA$132,137.86
5Tyson DurfeyBrockTX$131,762.92
6Marty YatesStephenvilleTX$120,200.33
7Tuf CooperDecaturTX$115,592.44
8Michael OteroWeatherfordTX$111,924.26
9Riley PruittGeringNE$109,535.21
10Ty HarrisSan AngeloTX$107,649.45
11Tyler MilliganPawhuskaOK$107,474.03
12Adam GraySeymourTX$102,172.98
13Shad MayfieldClovisNM$100,420.93
14Rhen RichardRooseveltUT$98,660.86
15Cooper MartinAlmaKS$96,260.06
16John DouchHuntsvilleTX$82,772.94
17Justin SmithLeesvilleLA$78,559.96
18Lane LivingstonSeymourTX$77,316.12
19Marcos CostaMenardTX$72,948.77
20Westyn HughesCaldwellTX$71,109.49
21Jake PrattEllensburgWA$70,126.79
22Ryan JarrettComancheOK$68,387.46
23Cody McCartneyOttawa LakeOK$66,416.24
24Cody CraigWendellID$65,423.49
25Matt ShiozawaChubbuckID$59,217.26
26Reese RiemerStinnettTX$57,521.35
27Ryle SmithOakdaleCA$55,819.24
28Cimarron BoardmanStephenvilleTX$55,749.38
29Cade SworWinnieTX$54,287.51
30Blake AshAuroraMO$54,248.25
31Dane KissackSpearfishSD$51,316.05
32Timber MooreAubreyTX$48,054.77
33Cody HuberAlbiaIA$47,995.08
34Blane CoxCameronTX$44,913.14
35Bo PickettCaldwellID$44,415.73
36Kyle LucasCarstairsAB$42,528.51
37Tanner GreenCotullaTX$42,099.55
38Chance OftedahlPembertonMN$41,877.02
39Caddo LewallenMorrisonOK$40,833.25
40J.D. McCuistionCollinsvilleTX$39,310.51
41Ryan ThibodeauxStephenvilleTX$37,299.10
42Justin ThigpenWaycrossGA$36,423.09
43Cory SolomonPrairie ViewTX$35,939.80
44Monty LewisHerefordTX$35,157.00
45Ike FontenotVille PlatteLA$34,810.10
46Trenton SmithBigfootTX$33,997.07
47Joey DickensLovelandCO$33,867.53
48Seth CookeMillsapTX$33,783.52
49Seth HallAlbuquerqueNM$32,747.93
50Randall CarlisleAthensLA$31,809.94

Steer Roping Performance Standings

1Trevor BrazileDecaturTX$129,552.32
2Vin Fisher Jr.AndrewsTX$121,834.04
3Landon McClaughertyTildenTX$90,246.90
4Tuf CooperDecaturTX$79,576.69
5Garrett HaleSnyderTX$74,227.41
6J. Tom FisherAndrewsTX$74,218.14
7Scott SnedecorFredericksburgTX$73,511.61
8Tony ReinawhartonTX$69,066.73
9Rocky PattersonPrattKS$66,912.00
10Chet HerrenPawhuskaOK$65,210.62
11Jess TierneyHermosaSD$57,554.24
12Chris GloverKeenesburgCO$54,490.51
13Thomas SmithBarnsdallOK$50,988.36
14Cody LeeGatesvilleTX$47,420.39
15Cole PattersonPrattKS$43,670.82
16Shay GoodAbileneTX$34,399.08
17Jason EvansGlen RoseTX$33,828.25
18Trenton JohnsonBlue MoundKS$33,752.80
19Roger BranchWellstonOK$33,615.89
20Brady GartenOologahOK$33,235.29
21Brodie PoppinoBig CabinOK$29,974.49
22Trey SheetsCheyenneWY$25,808.65
23Reo LohseKayceeWY$24,363.02
24Corey RossLiberty HillTX$23,381.71
25J.P. WickettSallisawOK$22,504.07
26Kim ZiegelgruberEdmondOK$21,326.82
27Kelton McMillenPadenOK$20,183.21
28Troy TillardDouglasWY$18,704.64
29Bryce DavisOvaloTX$17,454.09
30Marty JonesHobbsNM$17,174.65
31Dan FisherAndrewsTX$16,408.05
32Trey WallaceGeorge WestTX$16,190.50
33Jarrett BlessingParadiseTX$15,852.21
34Jim LockeMiamiTX$14,964.22
35Ora TatonRapid CitySD$12,524.62
36Tom SoreyPendletonOR$12,377.93
37Billy GoodWynnewoodOK$12,186.09
38Will McBrideOgallalaNE$12,134.60
39Brian GarrBell FourcheSD$12,086.82
40Martin PoindexterComancheTX$11,458.35
41Coy ThompsonWhitewoodSD$11,177.51
42Clay SmithBroken BowTX$10,851.66
43Mike ChaseMcAlesterOK$10,789.34
44John E. BlandTurkeyTX$10,495.44
45Travis MillsGilletteWY$9,856.04
46Howdy McGinnDurkeeOR$9,157.95
47Duck BensonLaurelMT$8,767.45
48Ty HerdIreneTX$7,677.68
49Caleb McMillanSoap LakeWA$7,656.96
50Roger NonellaRedmondOR$7,087.97

Bull Riding Performance Standings

1Sage Steele KimzeyStrong CityTX$262,207.01
2Stetson WrightMilfordUT$188,652.37
3Trevor KastnerRoffOK$159,100.17
4Boudreaux CampbellCrockettTX$157,501.99
5Tyler BinghamHoneyvilleUT$153,180.86
6Clayton SellarsFruitland ParkTX$139,190.89
7Garrett SmithRexburgID$138,205.33
8Jordan HansenPonokaAB$135,747.21
9Trey Benton IIIRock IslandTX$132,276.73
10Jordan Wacey SpearsReddingOR$131,548.44
11Josh FrostRandlettUT$129,560.67
12Koby RadleyMontpelierLA$124,554.21
13Jeff AskeyAthensTX$123,694.46
14Daylon SwearingenRochelleGA$121,837.17
15Trey KimzeyStrong CityOK$118,160.37
16Parker BredingEdgarMT$105,745.83
17Ruger PivaChallisID$95,032.43
18Cole MelanconParisTX$84,616.96
19Brady PortenierCaldwellID$80,569.27
20Garrett TribbleSlickOK$80,182.18
21Eli VastbinderUnion GroveNC$80,070.80
22Aaron WilliamsPismo BeachCA$75,905.13
23Chase DoughertyCanbyOR$74,987.47
24Lon DanleyTularosaNM$73,428.17
25J.T. MooreAlvinTX$71,275.50
26Trevor ReisteLindenIA$66,866.32
27Tristan MizeBryanTX$60,364.98
28Roscoe JarboeNew PlymouthID$52,024.87
29J.W. HarrisGoldthwaiteTX$48,821.03
30Jesse PetriPalestineTX$47,814.40
31Riker CarterStoneID$46,570.66
32Foster McCrawNavasotaTX$45,817.79
33Joseph McConnelBloomfieldNM$42,924.71
34Denton FugateNianguaMO$41,208.16
35Dallee MasonWeiserID$39,552.06
36Dustin BoquetBourgLA$37,794.62
37Ardie MaierTimber LakeSD$37,731.30
38Cole FischerJefferson CityTX$36,221.87
39Nic LicaGarden CityIN$34,446.68
40Brody YearyMorgan MillTX$34,269.28
41Dalan DuncanBallardUT$34,213.22
42Elijah MoraWigginsCO$31,928.37
43Garrett WickettBattle CreekNE$31,454.67
44Braden RichardsonJasperTX$31,309.06
45Jeff BertusAvonSD$30,752.00
46Payton FitzpatrickPolsonMT$30,283.20
47Bayle WordenCharlestonTX$30,059.72
48Dakota LouisBrowningMT$29,995.14
49Derek KolbabaWalla WallaWA$29,697.10
50Scottie KnappEdgewoodNM$26,810.44