^NFR Live 2016: Caleb Smidt really can overcome his Bad time?


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NFR live coverage information will provide by our website regularly so that none of NFR fans will miss his favorite contestant performance in NFR 2016.  Along with NFR Live coverage information we will update news about rodeo and current standings of NFR 2016. Today we will discuss about Caleb Smidt another potential world title winner of NFR 2016.


NFR Live News Update

Caleb Smidt a 26 year NFR 2016 contestant form Bellville, Texas who’s current NFR standings is 7th with his career earnings of $436,585. C. Smidt has experienced top, bottom & all possible position over the past 4 rodeo seasons. But he did overcome that with his great effort and mastering art with tie-down roping. During his struggle period several serious things happened to him. Some are good like he qualified for his first NFR and won his first world championship title. Bad things include experienced a severe injury, his main horse got injured as well. He had to borrow another horse to compete in rodeo events. Above all he got ready himself for his next big journey of Las Vegas 2016. We who loves Caleb Smidt hope that he can win another world title this year in NFR 2016. He is really hopeful that he can win another world title this year.

Caleb Smidt horse Pocket still in recovering process, so it’s not sure that Caleb Smidt can compete in NFR 2016 with his main horse. Caleb was returned to Texas to get Pocket back into arena for some exercise. It will be great if his main horse Poket get ready before NFR 2016 (National Final Rodeo 2016).

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