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{NFR Live | Dustin Bird ready for his all-around title

Dustin Bird is another potential world title winner of (National Finals Rodeo) NFR 2016. His current NFR Standings is 3rd on All-Around section with total earnings of $109,694. He won his all-around titles on INFR (Indian National Finals Rodeo), MPRC (Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit) and NRA (Northern Rodeo Association). Dustin has to chase two world titles for team-roping heading in the NFR 2016 at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. NFR Live

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The new father Dustin Bird returns to the National Finals Rodeo after 1 year gap. Dustin Bird from The Cut Bank qualify his 4th NFR placing 3rd in the NFR world all-around standings & 5th for team roping standings. Russell Cardoza will be his partner in team roping section of NFR 2016. Dustin won $109,693 this year by Competing in both team roping and tie-down roping. NFR Live

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The all-around title opened when Trevor Brazile, who is a former world champion, opted for the Elite Rodeo Athletes. Trevor had won the last ten all-around world titles championship. Dustin Bird also leads the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit all-around & team-roping standings. Dustin & Russell won team-roping championship at 14 rodeos in 2016. Dustin also won with Ryan Zurcher, Casey Cummins & Tyler McKnight during the summer. NFR Live


Dustin & Trevor’s greatest regular-season win was at San Antonio make earnings of $21,000. After 3 straight trips to the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), Dustin completed his 2015 season ranked 28th then Dustin returned back to home late in the year. Dustin Bird leased his main horse Dolly to Erich Rogers and made a deal of collected 15% of Rogers’ NFR earnings. Dustin Bird was in the stands of 2015 NFR every night, though he didn’t compete at the 2015 NFR. Dustin Bird have to struggled in the early 2016 winter rodeos because of his horse Dolyy got injured and had to rehab in Decatur, Texas, for a few months. We wish him with the very best for NFR 2016. Hope he can win his world title. NFR Live